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Car hire Eindhoven Airport

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ERentals compares the prices of well-known car hire companies in Netherlands, including the following location: Eindhoven Airport

Location information for Eindhoven Airport

After Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the country. Still far behind in passenger traffic than Amsterdam, Eindhoven Airport sees just over one million passengers pass through its terminal in a year. Cheap car hire at Eindhoven Airport is an ideal method for accessing the nearby city centre.

Trains run to and from the city and the airport but the schedule changes often. The easiest way to access the city centre is by cheap car hire at Eindhoven Airport. Apart from car rental services, other modes are transportation are available. The public bus runs every 10 minutes from Eindhoven Airport to Eindhoven Central Station.

Dining at Eindhoven Airport allows for plenty of convenient options. Restaurant Belvedair offers three different eating facilities and guests may choose according their schedule. The small counter is suitable for those with limited time before boarding while the large counter is for those with time to spare. The medium corner is intended for a mix between the two.

Shop & Fly is the airport’s main shopping facility offering everything from perfumes, luxury goods, wines, and tobaccos. If travelling outside of the EU, be sure to inquire about duty-free opportunities. While the shopping is nice, there are other impressive services throughout the Departure hall. The business centre is equipped with six meeting rooms and internet.

With over a million passengers passing through its doors, Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands. Ryanair, Aer lingus and Wizzair are just a handful of airlines operating out of Eindhoven Airport to cities across western Europe including Dublin, Rome, Madrid and Budapest.