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Location information for Isle of Man

The Isle of Man in the beautiful Irish Sea is a gem of an island that sits halfway between England and Ireland. Although it is small in size, it has large offerings for any interested travellers. It is easy to use cheap the Isle of Man car rental to explore the island fully, and driving around is the best way to see everything it has to offer.

The island is literally full of attractions and interesting sights and the capital town, called Douglas, is no exception. The island is mainly rural and quiet but there is still plenty to enjoy. Douglas boasts a cinema, gym, many tasty eateries and shopping on Strand Street and local dishes like queenies and spuds and herring are readily available.

Folklore and mythical stories surround the island and it is said to be the home of fairies. The famous Fairy Bridge is only passable if you wish the fairies good morning or afternoon and it is also tradition to leave a coin on the side of the bridge as a token of good faith. This can be fun to do with children and many locals still practice the tradition.

Castletown is home to a medieval castle and Peel Castle apparently houses a ghostly black dog known as Moddey Dhoo. Famous for holding the annual motorbike TT races, the Isle of Man is now home to Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Mansell, who help to keep a hold of the island’s racing roots.

The airport in Ronaldsway welcomes many flights from the UK and the only way to see the island is by car hire in the Isle of Man. There is the chance to enjoy an old tram ride on the high peak of Snaefel and there are horse and carts available to ride in Douglas, with car parking readily available.