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ERentals Finland is an independent car hire comparison site. Our system compares prices from well-known car hire companies. As a customer, you can always reserve your hire car through us at a competitive rate.

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A fascinating European country that is quite often overlooked by travellers, Finland’s, by Russian and Scandinavian history influenced, heritage is rich. Budget car rental is recommended to make the most out of your Finland holiday, while exploring the fantastic archipelagos, historical attractions, enchanting countryside, gorgeous sparkling lakes, charming cities and lush immaculate woods.

The country’s rural landscapes are truly majestic and cheap car hire in Finland provides the most convenient way to explore them. The numerous beautiful lakes in the south can all be reached by private hire car. Visiting the quaint lakeside town of Inari should be on top of every traveller’s itinerary. Boasting a thriving cultural scene and an excellent open-air museum, Inari is located in northern Lapland. Cheap car hire in Finland can be pre-booked through the internet, which offers the best rates.

Beautifully situated on a peninsular, Helsinki is the nation’s main commercial centre and the capital city. Helsinki’s lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere is best absorbed from the energetic market square or from one of the many open-air bars. Experiencing the pleasurable and booming nightlife in Helsinki may be an unforgettable event as well.

Finland’s oldest city, Turku, features a terrific historic quarter, which attracts many local artists. This wonderful city survived raging fires as well as several devastating wars. Home to a quality museum, Turku Castle dates back to the 13th century and is one of the city’s top attractions. Visitors can fully discover this small country by arranging car hire in Finland.

Santa’s home and reputed for its stress-relieving sauna treatments, unique culture, Nokia factory, Baltic roots, and reindeer, Finland ranks among the world’s most advanced nations. Helsinki represents a mesmerising selection of architectural highlights that open up to a breathtakingly beautiful land of untouched forests, crystal clear lakes, imposing castles, Lapland’s desolate tundra, and stunning islands.