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Cheap car hire Sardinia

Sardinia offers visitors a sophisticated mix of natural beauty, rich culture and a place to relax. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive beach resorts of the Mediterranean, yet unraveling Sardinia’s cultural heritage is equally as appealing as beach lounging. The best way to experience Sardinia is by rental car.

The capital city of Cagliari is an interesting place to start. The walled old city overlooks the Gulf of Cagliari. The city’s cobbled streets and colourful medieval architecture make it a delightful place to visit. The Archaeological Museum contains relics from the prehistoric Nuragic civilisation of Sardinia. There is also a Roman amphitheatre, which is carved into stone, making it unique. Concerts and events are still held in the amphitheatre.

By cheap hire car in Sardinia, travel north to Nuoro for the ultimate lesson about Sardinia’s history and culture. Here, the local people have retained ancient customs and traditions and at festival time you can enjoy a colourful display.

Alghero is nestled on the northwest coast; this old fishing town has a lot of Catalan influence. The old walled town has an interesting history and a lively atmosphere. There is a long stretch of beach nearby and a number of other beaches and coves in the surrounding area. This is a great spot for a day out, dinner or to use as a base for further exploration.

If you travel by hire car in Sardinia, you can explore the dramatic coastline of Sardinia. The scenery is breathtaking, featuring lots of interesting rock formations set against a stunning seascape.